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Hi, there!
My name is Daria, I am daria_bjorn or daria_toni on the Internet.

I live in Siberia and work as a keyworder for my friend. In my spare time I do 3D models in Blender and develop indie games with my partner.

I love old computers, reading books, photography, spending time with family and friends, hiking, nature and animals, cooking, alternative and ambient music, and living slow. I'm a huge fan of William Gibson and Deftones!

I'm interested in lean web, programming, low tech, negative impact of social media, storytelling and psychology.

I'm against fascism and restriction of human rights. I am a member of the LGBT+ community. I hate smartphones.

You can contact me through my social medias: Instagram, Mastodon.

Or write me an email: osogata[at]mail[dot]ru

This site was written in an old-school style, using only HTML, CSS, Sublime Text and two hands. If you're using an old browser or special reading software, please let me know how it looks for you!